3 Top Priorities Practices Should Focus on Now

Søren Hvidberg

What Are Your Top 3 Priorities?

The Covid-19 pandemic required hearing practices to become flexible and adapt like never before. Discover the biggest lessons one of the hearing community’s smartest minds learned during the pandemic.

Exclusive Interview with Søren Hvidberg Nielsen, Widex USA President

If you were a practice owner, what should you be focusing on?

“I really would need to think about how I can implement new safety processes for my in-office services to protect both my staff but also the patients who are coming in,” says Søren Hvidberg Nielsen, Widex USA President.

“In addition, I would think about what services can I offer remotely and in other safe ways. I’ve had discussions with customers about various curbside setups that helps them provide hearing aids in a safe and effective way.”

“And then I would also be thinking about making plans for how I can re-engage patients and attract new ones, given the market has slowed down.”

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