How to attract and keep top performing staff

Employer in a fishing hat looking for new medical practice team hires

Struggling to attract and hire good audiologists, medical providers, and front desk staff?

  • Tired of posting jobs only to see them sit there for months with barely any responses?
  • Shocked by the salaries some applicants are asking for?
  • Frustrated when you find someone you want to hire and see them hired away by the competition?

What is going on? Why is it so hard to find great staff for your medical practice?

Job expectations have changed over the last two decades. Add to that the present labor shortage, peoples’ concerns about COVID, and the fact that most of the talent you might be interested in (the ones with brains) already have a job, and finding great employees may seem difficult. 

What can you do to attract and retain top healthcare employees?

The good news is it’s easier than you think. Whether you are looking for front desk staff, an audiology assistant, audiologist or a medical provider, the same principles apply. All you need to is follow folk singer Taj Mahal’s Fishin Blue’s advice, “Many fish bites if you got good bait.” The trick here is to understand what works as “good bait.” 

Sure, everyone wants competitive salaries, but over the last decade or two, expectations have changed and top performers want more than just money. Top healthcare employees also want:

  • A sense of purpose
  • A focus on making work fun
  • A collaborative team environment
  • A high degree of autonomy
  • Flexibility in total hours and hours worked
  • Better than average pay and solid benefits
  • A good work-life balance

Simply stated by the folks at William Demant, giants in the hearing aid industry, “Going to work should be rewarding, meaningful and fun!“

To get a copy of the complete How To Attract and Retain Staff Success Tool just give us a call. We’ve included ads that typically double response rates, so you have more qualified candidates to choose from.

7 Steps To Recruiting a Winning Team for your Medical Practice

  1. Identify your unique competitive advantage, and what makes your practice a more appealing and fun place to work.
  2. Use your unique differentiators in your job description so it paints a vivid picture of what work life is at your practice. Hint – Instead of just focusing on profits and money, focus on the intangible benefits, the camaraderie, free homemade cookies, Friday team lunches, etc.
  3. Have a clear map of each team member’s Most Valuable Activities (MVAs) and Measure of Success (MOSs) for their role. Use these to write the job descriptions and roles and responsibilities for each role.
  4. Advertise where the best candidates are looking.
  5. Ask candidates to submit a short video answering questions like what they do for fun or what makes them weird. These are incredibly informative.
  6. Have your interview questions ready to further qualify candidates.
  7. Then when you find top talent, recruit them and retain them by delivering on your promise of a better workplace.

To help you, we’ve put together a hiring manual, which includes every detail mapped out including proven sample ads for audiologists, medical providers and front desk staff. It’s set up so you just need to fill in the blanks to create the perfect ad.

To get a copy of the complete How To Attract and Retain Staff Success Tool just give us a call