The Simple Way To Keep Growing Your Practice

Medical practice owner excited to see his profits grow

How can you keep improving and growing your medical practice every day and become outrageously successful?

Every day as the practice owner, you’ve got an overwhelming amount of details to handle, from marketing to staffing to patients, and much less finding time to deal with all of the above. It can be a lot to keep track of.

When things go wrong, for example, someone forgets to schedule an appointment or a provider doesn’t convert as many patients into sales as you’d like, or your revenue and profits aren’t what you want them to be, it’s easy, in the moment, to look for someone to blame. But the reality is that if you are feeling overwhelmed, chances are everyone else on your team is feeling the same. 

What’s the solution? Simple strategies to improve management

Just like you, here at MedPB, sometimes a task or two gets overlooked too. Recently at our team meeting, the team was explaining that we were getting a lot of questions about over-the-counter hearing devices from practice owners (maybe you were one of them). The team was asking us to do what we usually do when practice owners have a burning question, like what to do about OTC, so we put together a guide to help practice owners.

Our Practice Growth Experts, being the good listeners that they are, had identified a need and were asking for a solution. Which is all good and well except for one small, itty bitty detail. Seven months ago we published a blog post on OTC hearing devices that answered the exact questions practice owners were asking. As conscious as our team is, many had not read the blog post. Whoops! 

What was the simple fix? 

Blaming our highly dedicated and hardworking team for their oversight clearly wouldn’t have been helpful. Instead, we just made one small system fix, to make sure our team has a better handle on the vast number of resources we have for them to share with clients. All we needed to do was, add the list of most recent blog posts as an agenda item on our weekly team meeting.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by problems, but pointing fingers or blame only makes the situation worse. Looking for simple system fixes, like adding a standing item for review in your weekly meetings, can make a big difference. Telling people to change their behavior is a fool’s errand. Instead, just by making small changes in your day-to-day practice management systems you can modify their behavior and solve problems on a lasting basis. 

At MedPB our goal is simply to help your medical practice grow and help you to reach your goals. We do this by implementing digital marketing systems that get more new patients calling, and by providing your practice with easy-to-use management tools and strategies to increase your profits. 

How can you use this simple improvement strategy to help grow your medical practice? 

Here are a few examples of small system fixes that generate big results:

Goal Small System Fix
Increase appointments by 30-50%  Use a proven appointment setting script
Improve workflow and teamwork Block out an hour a week for an all team meeting 
Avoid blame and focus on solutions  Use a standing written agenda to review – what’s working, what’s not and how you can improve
Increase Profits Review pricing 


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