How to Attract More Patients with Social Media Marketing

Last week, my wife got a call from her Aunt Jean, wanting to know if our daughter’s new “baby lady” had arrived. You see, Aunt Jean is the last surviving sister of three and she makes it a point to keep tabs on her family, probably just like a lot of your patients.

Two things you should know about Aunt Jean and your patients.

First, Aunt Jean may be less mobile than she used to be but that doesn’t keep her from staying connected. She Skypes her grandchildren, her nieces and nephews, and her grand nieces and nephews. She loves to text everyone, too, and she uses the web all the time, regularly checking Facebook for any new photos members of the clan may have posted.

Despite the perception that people over 65 aren’t online or on social media, Kevin and I find the opposite is true. We find that people 60 and older use the Internet all the time to stay connected. In fact, it’s not just our gut feeling, but research shows in the last few years people over 65 are using the internet more.

Currently over 50% of people over 65 use social media and that number is growing each month. Which is why your website and your online marketing are so important to your audiology practice’s success.

Aunt Jean is a young 89 years old, a CPA, and still doing her friends’ tax returns! And online all the time, too. She’s a kick in the pants, a lot of fun, just like your patients.

Second, she, as you probably expected, wears hearing aids too. The ones she wears are bluetooth enabled so she can tune directly into her TV and other bluetooth sound sources, which she loves.

The question is, how many patients like Aunt Jean are you missing out on by ignoring social media marketing?

Aunt Jean, like many of your patients, is active on social media and actively uses the internet to search for health information. And one thing is for sure, if you’re not there, your competition will be.

If, for example, a competitor reaches Aunt Jean first with an offer to upgrade her Bluetooth hearing aids through social media, that’s a lost sale and opportunity for your practice.

3 quick questions

Does your practice have an active presence on social media?

Wish it was attracting a flood of patients to help you grow your practice?

Wish you had someone to manage your social media for you, using a proven system that engages and attracts new patients?

With MedPB’s social media marketing service, we manage your social media, build your brand, and get new patients calling so you can spend your time on patient care.

Talk to us today to find out how to grow your audiology and hearing aid practice, and help more people like Aunt Jean find the solutions they want and stay connected.