Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use help desk to attract more patients?
  • Pick one person on your team to be responsible for working with MedPB’s Help Desk
  • Each month make a list of updates (see list below in “What can I add to my site to attract more patients?”)
  • Prioritize them based on potential dollar value to you in increased sales
  • Submit to the help desk via the Help Desk Link
What can I add to my site to attract more patients?
  • Update current staff biographies and team photos
  • Add special events for patients to attend
  • Announce awards, financial offers, and promotions
  • Provide the most up-to-date phone numbers, hours, and location photos
  • Make new location pages as you grow into them
  • Create or update pages as your services change
  • Make new services pages as you extend your capabilities
  • Share recent testimonials and reviews (text and video) showing your patients are the happiest
What maintenance does MedPB do each month on your website?
Each month our team reviews your website and makes updates to keep it performing at its best. We make improvements to security, design, and usability on your site, including:

  • Design enhancements to make it even easier for people to navigate your site and get more new patients calling. We’re always testing new ideas, and once they are proven, we add them to your site.
  • Regular improvements to your contact form to reduce spam so you can focus on the new leads coming in.
  • Continual updates to the security of your site so that it’s always online and capturing new patent leads
  • Improving the loading speed of your site so new patients won’t have to wait to call you.
  • Review and revision of the website code that keeps your site running.
  • Adding the latest anti-virus software protection so that your website and information are secure.
  • Fix incorrect (or incomplete) information on business listings that can get your account suspended.
  • Prevent technical issues from interfering with your SEO results.
My file is too big for the Help Desk form. What can I do?
If the file size is too large to attach to the Help Desk form, then the file is too big for your website. If the file you want to send is a PDF or video, you may need to compress the file. If the file is an image, you can compress it. Please note, we can’t use .psd files on your site. You can save the .psd file as a medium-sized jpeg and send it in.

If you’re unable to do this please submit your ticket to Help Desk without the file and wait for further instructions.

Why can’t I see changes made to my website?
When we send you a confirmation that a site has been updated, you may still see an old version of your site due to “caching.” This is a system that web browsers use to load pages more quickly. Instead of grabbing the most up-to-date version of your site from the server, the browser loads the page faster by showing you a version stored on your computer.

To see the changes, simply clear your cache. You can do this by following the steps on this page

Why is the phone number on my site not my actual phone number?
We use call routing numbers to track your new patient leads so you can make decisions based on real-time data. Although the number people dial is different, the patient will still end up calling your practice. Your practice advisor can explain in more detail how this works.
How do I get a new page added to my site?
Send in your request through the Help Desk, with specifics about the purpose of the page. Attach a document with any new copy. When we receive your request, we’ll send you back a quote for the project.
Should I use retargeting to promote my medical practice?
Retargeting prospects with “follow ads” is a great way to stay front of mind — if you sell anything but medical services. Under HIPAA regulations, these ads can be seen as illegal, and Google knows this. Google doesn’t want to be liable under the law and prohibits retargeting for medical practices.

It’s true that some marketing companies will sell retargeting services to anyone, including medical practices, either out of greed or ignorance. But using retargeting puts your practice at risk with both state medical boards and with Google. We recommend that you comply with the law and Google policy and avoid retargeting advertising services.