Attract More Patients
by working with a Certified Google Partner

PPC advertising with Google AdWords is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to get more patients calling almost instantly. But it can also be a fast way to lose money if you’re not careful.

That’s why you shouldn’t put your trust in just any PPC agency. While anyone with an internet connection can set up a campaign and start running ads, only those with the necessary expertise and experience are recognized by Google as a certified partner.

MedPB™, with extensive experience in digital marketing, search advertising, and mobile advertising specifically for medical practices is proud to be a certified Google Partner.

“In the last 12 months we’ve increased sales by over a quarter of a million dollars thanks to MedPB’s marketing. We’re getting more reviews, more traffic and most importantly more NEW patients. MedPB’s support with our website, seo, ppc, reviews and conversions has been amazing. Highly recommended for any medical practice looking for dramatic gains.”

Rachel MaGann Faivre,
Hearts for Hearing

"The website is attracting more patients to my practice. It reflects the look, feel, and mission of my business. I am forever grateful and forever spoiled by a team that knows the audiology ‘universe’ and how to help my team attract and keep our growing client base." 

Lori Klein Gardner, Au.D.,
Doctor of Audiology,
Hear Virginia

"I never put much thought into any digital marketing or even a website, so I was a little skeptical that it would make a difference." "But at the encouragement of an associate, I decided to try MedPB for a website. After a couple of months of seeing the traffic grow, I was encouraged to try to get more reviews and add Search Engine Optimization services. I was shocked when I heard my staff saying we're getting more from the Internet than ever before. In fact, last month we received 21 new patient calls out of the 60 total calls to my website. I'm so glad I got connected with MedPB and highly recommend them."

Linda Scaramella Bosack, Au.D.
Century Audiology

“We’re getting 5 times as many leads from the web, worth $20,000 a month to our practice... Highly recommended to any audiology practice interested in beating the competition.”

Sean Pendel
Audiology Associates and Hearing Aids Today, Nashville, TN

"We had a website, but knew it needed some work. During a consultation call with MedPB we discovered we needed more online reviews and decided to try the Online Review Builder. In just a few short months we're up to 50 reviews total and more keep coming in. Our second month we had 30 new patients calls from the website which is up considerably from before. We are very happy with the work they have done and look forward to continued great results."

Jane Rosner, AuD
West Valley Hearing Center

“When I first saw the website MedPB built for my practice, my jaw literally dropped open."

"The design, the colors, the content everything was just perfect. It was so much more than what I had imagined and truly represents the professionalism of our practice. I rely on MedPB to provide me with a competitive online strategy and would recommend them a million times over!”

Aviva Tilson,
I Love Hearing Inc. New York


Certified AdWords experts.

Our in-house search advertising experts optimize your AdWords campaigns, generating more patient leads at the lowest cost. Google certification ensures that our experts meet the highest standards for account management best practices


The full suite of AdWords features.

Certified Google partners are well-versed in all the advanced AdWords features. From the use of negative keywords, ad extensions, phrase match keywords, split testing, and more, you’ll get the best results tailored for your specific medical practice and location.


The latest PPC best practices.

Google Partner certification requires keeping up-to-date on all the latest technological developments and strategies. That means your campaigns will be run more efficiently over time, generating more new patients as your PPC strategy evolves.


Top level performance.

Google certification requires deep expertise and continued performance, so you’ll know that we’re doing everything we can to improve your campaigns and get more patients calling.


New AdWords features prior to release.

As a Google Partner, we have access to new features before they’re released to the public. Imagine staying ahead of your competition by using features they can’t access or don’t even know about.


Ongoing support and detailed reports.

For Google Partners, performance is everything. That means we’ll provide you with detailed reports and recommendations to show you how your campaign is performing and how we can take it to the next level.

The MedPBTM AdWords Advantage

When you team up with MedPB™, you’re not just working with a certified Google Partner—you’re also working with a PPC advertising agency that specializes exclusively in search advertising for medical practices. Which is one BIG reason we get better results than other PPC advertising firms.

We’ve been developing online marketing campaigns specifically for medical practices for more than 10 years. We know what does and doesn’t work to attract more patients, and we’re improving our results every month.

Ready to start attracting more patients? Talk to us today.

How We Help
Your Practice

Online Patient Reviews

The only online reputation management software guaranteed to attract more patient reviews and get more new patients calling. Manage your online reputation, easily collect reviews, and attract more new patients.

Medical Website Design

Responsive mobile friendly website designs that convert traffic into appointments. Proven online lead generation that attracts new patients for a fraction of the cost.

On-Site SEO – SEM

Proven traffic building SEO system. Puts your website in the search engines where more patients find it, and when they do, more people click through to visit your website.

Local Directory Listings

Get access to the more than 70% of patients who find healthcare providers via local directories. Our proprietary software manages and optimizes your business listings.

Expert Content SEO Blogging

Attract more new patients and improve your search engine positioning with high interest medical articles added to your blog each week. Content marketing essential to stand out from your competition.

Medical PPC

Attract more new patients from the popular search engines like Google and Bing. Our software does all the work, so you can help more new patients right away.

Social Media Marketing

Helping you stay front of mind so patients call your practice, not your competitor. Daily Facebook posts provide links to educational articles.

Call Tracking & Advanced Analytics

Track and manage your lead generation efforts based on the results that matter. See which of your marketing strategies generate new patient calls and calculate your costs per lead.