Help Desk Policy

3 Ways MedPB Helps
You Attract More Patients

Basic Help Desk

Successful practices use Help Desk on a regular basis to request small website changes that can make a big difference when attracting more patients. Some of the common requests covered by Basic Help Desk include:

  • Update current staff biographies and team photos
  • Add special events for patients to attend
  • Announce awards, financial offers, and promotions
  • Provide the most up-to-date phone numbers, hours, and location photos
  • Make new location pages as they grow into them
  • Create or update pages as you services change
  • Make new services pages as they extend their capabilities
  • Boast through recent testimonials and reviews (text and video) that their patients are the happiest

If for some reason you don’t have a monthly subscription to Help Desk, it will be added automatically when you start submitting Help Desk tickets. You’ll receive an email confirmation of your subscription and updates after your first ticket is completed.

Advanced Help Desk

Our top practices regularly review and update their MedPB websites to attract new patients and make it easier for existing patients to contact them. Your Advanced Help Desk subscription includes everything listed above and:

  • Add regular blog posts, newsletters, and community service reports
  • Create or update pages as your services change
  • Continued support for interactive quizzes, videos, and presentations
  • Weekly edits and changes

If your practice is an advanced user of Help Desk, your Advanced Help Desk subscription will be added automatically. You’ll receive an email confirmation of your subscription.

Ongoing Site Maintenance

Each month our team reviews your website and makes updates to keep it performing at its best. We make improvements to security, design, and usability on your site, including:

  • Design enhancements to make it even easier for people to navigate your site and get more new patients calling. We’re always testing new ideas, and once they are proven, we add them to your site.
  • Regular improvements to your contact form to reduce spam so you can focus on the new leads coming in.
  • Continual updates to the security of your site so that it’s always online and capturing new patent leads
  • Improving the loading speed of your site so new patients won’t have to wait to call you.
  • Review and revision of the website code that keeps your site running.
  • Adding the latest anti-virus software protection so that your website and information are secure.
  • Fix incorrect (or incomplete) information on business listings that can get your account suspended.
  • Prevent technical issues from interfering with your SEO results. 

In addition, you can submit minor text edits or image changes to
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