Kevin D. St.Clergy
Audiology practice building expert

Kevin D. St.Clergy, M.S., is one of the top experts in audiology practice building.

Widely sought out as a consultant on medical practice marketing, sales and management, Kevin St. Clergy’s workshops are often featured at audiology conferences across the country, from ADA to AAA. Kevin has a Masters of Audiology and was the Director of Business Development for a network of 2,000 independent practices. In his first job after graduate school in 12 months with the help of one assistant he grew the practice from $60,000 a year in revenue to $500,000 and then over the next 2 years, he grew the territory from $400,000 in sales to $5,500,000 a year in sales.

Kevin founded in 2005, and at that time hired Charlie Cook as his marketing consultant to jump-start the new business. In 2012, they became partners to grow EP and better serve the needs of medical practice owners. As partners in and MedPB St. Clergy and Cook have helped hundreds of medical practices grow their patient base and their bottom line.

Kevin St Clergy currently lives in Austin, the hippest town in Texas. When he’s not helping audiology practices get in shape, he’s getting himself in shape at the gym and at kickboxing classes.

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Kevin St. Clergy