Medical Marketing Connecting patients to practices.

Whether you’re an orthodontist or a plastic surgeon, whether you run a medical practice or a medical spa, you’ve got to have a steady stream of patients to be successful. We provide doctors access to our modular online marketing platform to keep your waiting room filled with ideal patients. The MedPB marketing platform is based on 20 years of research and development in online marketing. Our client practices attract many more patients online, so they can help more patients and thrive. We’ve all seen what happens to patients who hop from one medical practice to another to treat the same condition or to get more prescriptions than they should. Without coordination, layers of treatment can cause more harm than good. In the same way, using one marketing firm to design a website, another to do SEO or PPC and another to do social media marketing rarely helps build your practice. Without careful coordination, this scattershot approach isn’t going to succeed in attracting new patients. We provide a proven, integrated online medical marketing platform based on years of experience in medical marketing and attracting patients. You choose the elements that your practice needs to succeed in your local area. Want to acquire more patients?