Top SEO ResultsTM
Medical SEO proven to attract more patients.

Top SEO ResultsTM
Medical SEO proven to attract more patients.

Medical SEO for more traffic, more new patients.


More Traffic
in just six months.

Average organic traffic per practice per month increased from 185 to 266.


More Contacts
in just six months.

Average contacts per month (calls and form fills) increased from 23 to 34.


More New Patients
in just 6 months.

Average number of new patient calls per month increased from 19 to 30

Why Top SEO ResultsTM beats other SEO services

Most medical SEO programs focus on just one of the five SEO essential steps to getting traffic and new patients from the search engines. They do the quick, on-site keyword optimization and ignore the other essential steps to sending more patients to your website. It’s like eating a Pop Tart and calling it a meal.

With over 18 years of experience in search engine optimization, we know it’s not that simple — and trying to live on Pop Tarts isn’t a good idea, either. Top SEO Results™ software manages all the key medical SEO elements: on-page optimization, local SEO, writing and posting monthly expert articles to your site and, of course, the metrics you need to track your medical SEO.

“We’re getting more new patient calls. Thanks to MedPB’s Local SEO program, more patients are finding us online and calling our practice to schedule an appointment. Unlike most marketing firms, MedPB delivers outstanding results. For practices that want to be around in a year or two, MedPB is the only credible choice. Highly recommended.”

Scott Richey,
Woodard Hearing Centers

"Your online marketing is saving us thousands of dollars each month. It’s cut my cost per new patient call by $188, and $232 per appointment compared to what I was spending on direct mail and newspaper ads. I wasn’t getting many leads from the web, but this past year with your online marketing system I got 110."

Ram Nileshwar, Au.D., Owner,
The Hearing Center of Lake Charles, LA

"Your Internet marketing was our number one source of calls this month and is continuing to attract more patients. To see our internet marketing beat out all other sources, including my own successful direct mail efforts, is very impressive. Highly recommended!"

Jeannette Hait,
Owner, Hearing Aid HealthCare, Palm Desert, CA

What Top SEO ResultsTM does for your medical practice

Our SEO software gets more new patients calling than traditional medical or speciality audiology SEO programs because of our unique five-part approach. We put your practice front of mind with potential patients in local listings, in the search engines, for when patients look for answers to their common medical questions, and give you the tools to monitor your SEO success.

Using the 5 key steps listed below, MedPB™ gets far more new patients calling than other SEO services. Clients can see increases in traffic from 20% to 752% within the first year.

5 Ways Top SEO ResultsTM Beats The Competition

Step 1: Make your practice easier to find in local directories

Today 14% of internet users rely exclusively on local directories, bypassing Google search entirely. Getting listed in local directories like Foursquare, Yelp and Superpages is essential if you want to attract more new patients. Which is exactly what MedPB’s Top Local Listing SEO™  does. For some smaller markets, this and MedPB™’s On-Site SEO may be all you need.

Step 2: Attract more patients with proven keywords

We have almost 20 years of SEO experience, ten of those specializing in medical marketing. We’ve spent countless hours researching and testing the keywords that will attract more patients to your medical practice. We use these to optimize your website so it shows up more frequently in search engine results when patients are looking for your services. This is the first part of MedPB™’s On-Site SEO service.

Step 3: Get more patients clicking from the search engines

When people see your practice listed in the search results, the title and description they read determines whether they visit your site or not. Coding more compelling titles and descriptions into your site can increase visits by 30% or more. Unlike most SEO firms that ignore your SEO listings, we continually test and improve these to get more patients calling. Which is why MedPB’s On-Site SEO works so well.

Step 4: Increase new patient calls with powerful expert positioning

Adding expert articles to your site each month attracts more patients and improves your search engine positioning. It’s one of the most successful SEO strategies available. And yet most SEO firms don’t do it. Actually, given how much work is involved, it’s no surprise.

At MedPB™ we have a whole team of writers and editors to provide your practice with Expert Content SEO. We select relevant topics, write the articles and add them to your blog each week. With each additional article they add, it gives potential patients and Google more ways to find you and see you as the expert you are.

Step 5: Track and improve your marketing every month

You’ll hear the results you get from your MedPB™ marketing when the phone rings with new patients calling. But we also want you to see the numbers. New Patient Leads™ makes it easy to see what’s working well and what needs improvement. You can calculate your cost per lead or per new patient, and make informed decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars to grow your practice.

With Top SEO ResultsTM all the work is done for you

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to show up at the top of search engine listings, you simply covered your web page with the keywords for which you wanted to get traffic. The way Google’s system worked, you could get listed and get traffic for “mutual funds” or “heart surgery” even if you provided neither. It was a mess, so it’s a good thing Google came up with more relevant search results.

Over the last few decades, Google has become the dominant search engine by providing the most relevant and useful search results. They’ve refined their search algorithms, looking at more and more variables on the front end (the pages you see) and the back end (the code that’s in the background).

It used to be simple to master the techniques that would put your site at the top of Google search results. But SEO is about much more than scattering keywords through your site now. It has become increasingly complicated, with dozens of variables involved and lots of work required.

Our expert SEO team is immersed in these details. They stay up to date with Google’s ever-changing algorithms and use the latest techniques to ensure your medical practice achieves and maintains a high profile.

MedPB’s Top SEO Results™ includes

  • On-Site SEO
  • Top Local Listings SEO and
  • Expert Content SEO

These three essential SEO strategies position your practice to stand out from the competition, play nicely with Google, and generate a steady stream of new patients.

Each month our team reviews your search engine traffic and makes adjustments to put your practice front and center for patients — and keep it there. Our writers craft expert articles and add them to your blog to make it easier for new patients to find you. That’s a lot of work we’re taking off your plate so you can spend more time growing your practice.

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