10 Critical Questions When Choosing an Audiology Website Design Company

Man questioning his audiology website

What’s the first thing people notice about your audiology practice? In our digital age, it’s probably your website. Gone are the days when introductions took place in brick-and-mortar buildings – today, your online presence is doing all the talking. But what’s it saying?

Choosing an outstanding audiology website design company is critical. An expert design team can ensure your site is intuitive, attractive, and authoritative, helping it stand out in the competitive audiology industry. Below, we look at the top ten questions to ask when deciding on the right website design company. 

1. Can I see examples of audiology websites you designed? 

Request samples of audiology websites the company has already designed. This is, naturally, an essential part of the selection process. When reviewing the sites, check for visual appeal, ease of navigation, and how the sites look on both desktop and mobile. Trust your gut – if you are having a less-than-satisfying user experience, they’re probably not the design company for you.

2. Do you offer audiology search engine optimization (SEO)?

A top-tier audiology website doesn’t just look good – it attracts patients. Otherwise, you end up with a beautiful site that no one sees. That’s where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in.  Search engines like Google have higher standards for healthcare websites, and the ideal design company knows how to optimize for audiology specialties. Ask your potential designer whether they offer SEO Services for audiologists for expanded visibility and boosted search engine results.

3. What experience do you have designing audiology websites?

Audiology websites aren’t your average websites. They must be ADA-compliant and bring in patients looking for your specific services. Review the design company’s portfolio, specifically its history with medical practices and healthcare organizations. It’s always best to go with someone familiar with compliance considerations and the unique needs of an audiology practice.

4. How do you approach HIPAA compliance and patient privacy?

Per HIPAA, your audiology site must follow strict privacy rules and regulations. The ideal audiology web design company knows these compliance requirements like the back of its hand and specializes in stringent security measures that protect sensitive patient information.

5. How do you integrate HIPAA-compliant online appointment scheduling and patient portals? 

These days, appointment scheduling and patient portals are a must-have for audiology practices. In addition to making your patients’ lives easier, they’re more likely to book a first appointment if they can do so online – and fast. Ask whether the web design company has experience with these features so your patients can schedule online and securely access medical records.

6. How do you ensure the audiology website’s security? 

Websites get hacked more than you might expect. What’s worse is that  43% of website attacks target small businesses. Because it houses sensitive medical data, your website’s security is paramount. Ask the design company about the measures they take to guard against cyber threats like encryption. It’s also good to see whether they do regular backups and vulnerability monitoring.

7. What is your process for continued support and maintenance? 

Contrary to what some people think, websites do not fall in the set-it-and-forget-it category. Regular updates and maintenance help ensure your audiology site stays functional, secure, and up-to-date. As such, the ideal website design company has a proven process for ongoing maintenance that includes software updates, bug fixes, and tech support.  A successful, lasting relationship with the design company will require that they be accessible, responsive, and communicative. You should have a clear point of contact when you need support, or your site requires updates.

8. How do you optimize site accessibility for patients with disabilities? 

Making your audiology website accessible to people with disabilities is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions, but even if it weren’t, it’s just a good rule of thumb. Make sure the web design company you’re considering follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and ask about corresponding features like color contrast, alt text for images, keyboard navigation,  and other accessibility attributes that make your website as inclusive as possible.

9. What content management system (CMS) would you recommend for my site? 

Appropriately implemented content management systems (CMS)  make website updates and maintenance easier. First, ask which CMS the web design company recommends for your audiology website. Next, determine whether they offer training or ongoing support to help your team make the most of the CMS.  MedPB builds audiology websites using WordPress, a popular and simple CMS with outstanding support. Design companies that hard-code without CMS are a red flag because they can charge astronomical prices for even the most straightforward updates.

10. Do you offer responsive website design for mobile devices? 

About 50% of website visits occur on a mobile phone.  That’s why having a site that’s optimized for a superior mobile experience is critical. Mobile-friendly audiology websites also fare better in search engine rankings. The best audiology website design is responsive across various screen sizes, ensuring a positive user experience on every device.

MedPB: Superior Audiology Website Design 

Depending on the design, your audiology website will either be a hindrance or an invaluable help. It will either instill confidence and trust in prospective patients or send them running toward your competitors. That’s why the right elements must be in place. High-quality security, SEO, ease of use, and aesthetics have the power to convert visitors into patients – and the right web design company hits every mark with expert precision.

If you’re ready to grow your audiology practice and make a stellar first impression, Practis can help! Contact us today to get your free website assessment.