How Greg Got 15 More Patients a Month

Happy doctor - Medical Marketing That Attracts 660% More Patients

Last week I was talking to Greg, a client of ours in the Atlanta area, about his practice which, I was thrilled to see, is currently thriving.

It wasn’t always.

A year ago when I first talked to Greg he had recently purchased a few new locations. Unfortunately, most of the locations were very dependent on third-parties such as insurance, to send them new patients. In fact, one location got more than half of their patients through insurance referrals. They’d send over patients to be tested and fitted, but when it came to buying hearing aids the insurance company directed patients to buy from someone else. That meant that while Greg was able to fill his calendar with appointments, he was missing out on the most profitable part of every visit. Worse, he was at the mercy of these third parties.

Greg needed to be less dependent on insurance companies and attract more patients, and he needed to make changes fast.

Complicating the issue was that some locations were struggling from fierce competition.

Greg realized each of his locations needed help and were slightly different. Figuring out what worked for each while running a full-time business and helping his patients was getting frustrating. He tried a few medical marketing companies that claimed to have “sure-fire” solutions, but they were just pushing their latest products without bringing in any results. “I wanted to work with a partner,” says Greg. “Not a product-pusher. I wanted to work with someone who was going to help me determine what would work for each of my locations.”

“After over 20 years in the field of audiology, and 11 of those years in private practice, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different marketing companies and individuals who claimed to possess the magic bullet to help my practice grow. While some were definitely better than others, most have frequently fallen short by miles on promises made and they were always pushing me to spend more money.”

Greg needed to cut through the hype and get results fast. He was attracted to MedPB’s unique model of holding periodic consulting calls with all of our clients. Instead of “being sold to” MedPB helped him figure out what was working and what wasn’t for each location.

By finding a true partner, he not only got help monitoring and interpreting his results to continually optimize his marketing, he got the full benefit of all of our experience helping other clients in similar markets achieve their full potential.

Audiology Marketing Strategies That Get More Patients

The bottom line – in the last 6 months Greg has seen his monthly website traffic grow from 178 to 899. That’s more than a 400% increase in traffic. Even better, this led to a whopping 660% increase in new patient calls.

“My practice advisor is a straight shooter and simply makes recommendations based on real-world experiences and data he has accumulated from other practices he has worked with.” MedPB has helped practices get 233,743 new patient calls last year alone.

“One key characteristic I appreciate most working with my practice advisor: he holds himself, and the entire team at MedPB, accountable. When it comes to marketing and growing your practice, it is that constant, high level of accountability that moves the needle, not promises without action.”

This 100 percent commitment to accountability has let Greg refocus on improving the patient experience and managing his practice day to day. In other words, not only was he bringing in more patients, he was able to improve his ROI on the ones coming in because he was completely focused on managing the practice.

“I can say without reservation that MedPB has been delivering. The growth in new patients has been phenomenal. If you want to take your practice to the next level, I recommend trying MedPB.”

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