Revealed: The Secret 7 Step Practice-Building Marketing Formula

Red formula key on keyboard

Which of the following have you heard, and believed?

  • The world is flat
  • The Wright brothers were wrong about flight being possible
  • The moon is made of blue cheese
  • Email marketing doesn’t work
  • Ketchup is a vegetable.

Based on our survey, the majority of practice owners, to be specific audiologists, tell us that email marketing doesn’t work and a few that the world is flat. Yet these same people, maybe even you, got to this post from an email.

Of course you, a practice owner, may be much more of a hipster than your patients. So let’s review the most common myths about email marketing and your target demographics.

Myth #1: My patients aren’t online
The heart of this argument is people over 55 don’t use the internet, which it turns out is blatantly false. True, 15 years ago people over 55 weren’t the early adopters. However, in the last 5 years, this demographic has been responsible for the greatest surge in internet use.

Yes, there are even dating sites for seniors too.

It’s true that not every person over 55 is online. Roughly 15% don’t shop online. But 85% are and of those around 95% are the ones most likely to work with a private practice and buy hearing aids.

Truth: The patients you want to target, the ones interested in hearing aids, are overwhelmingly online! Furthermore, the number of seniors using mobile devices is 25-30% and growing. Which suggests, if you’re website isn’t responsive and doesn’t work on mobile devices, it’s time to fix that or you’ll miss out on 30% of your target market.

Myth #2: My patients don’t use email
Given the above, common sense tells us that if most seniors are online, then a similar percentage are using email… which is exactly what the data suggests! At least 75% of seniors are using email to communicate with usage varying by income. Low income seniors can’t afford mobile devices and may not have an email account. Middle to higher income seniors can and do.

Truth: The vast majority of your target market is using email!

Myth #3: My patients don’t open email
It may be true most patients don’t open the emails you send. But that is very different from the same people not opening email.

We would bet dollars to donuts that your patients do open emails all the time from friends, family, and even from their local golf club, poker club, and Amazon etc. The issue isn’t opening emails, it’s they aren’t opening your emails.

Typically, when we send out an email to a list of people who know us, like us, and trust us, we get an open rate of 20-30%. Which means if you have a list of 2,000, if you’re not getting 200-300 people to open it, email isn’t the problem. It’s the content and how it was written.

Truth: Email marketing works amazingly well if you know the secret.

What’s the Secret Email Marketing Formula?

There are just 7 steps to using email successfully to add another 40 patients a month. Here they are:

  1. An Email Broadcast Service
  2. An Email Collection System
  3. An Email Marketing Plan
  4. Email Content To Send
  5. A Tracking System
  6. Someone To Manage It
  7. A Bank Account Which Can Hold More Cash

Want the details on the first six? We figure you can do the last one on your own. We pull back the curtains and reveal everything in this month’s webinar on The Secret Email Marketing Formula. Talk to us.