What Gomer Hearing Did to Attract More Patients

Medical professional pointing to five star to increase

Rebecca, the smart audiologist who owns the practice, had been struggling to get patient reviews. Sure, she had a steady stream of happy patients but she didn’t feel completely at ease asking patients to provide a review, and she didn’t have the time to make it a big part of her day. Even though she, like you, deserves tons of praise.

What did Rebecca do to start pulling in patient reviews? She put the task in the hands of her capable front desk staff. She showed them how to upload the email addresses of patients who had had recent appointments in the Online Review Builder software. Then she watched the reviews pour in. That’s it.

In just one month, this simple software solution generated 12 patient reviews. Now Gomer Hearing stands out online, head and shoulders above the competition.

Want to pull in a steady stream of glowing patient reviews so your practice stands out?

It’s amazingly simple. Just use the Online Review Builder system and get results like Rebecca — or better, if your practice is larger or you have many locations.

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