Why More New Patients Don’t Call Your Practice

scammer taking all the money from a piggy bank with 5 star reviews on it

Have a well-established practice? Helped thousands of patients improve their lives? If so, like most medical practices you have a well-deserved top reputation, so why aren’t more new patients calling?

The simple truth is that even though 99% of your current and past patients rely on you and think highly of you and your practice, most of your potential new patients don’t know how qualified and helpful you can be. They may not have met or talked to your loyal patients about your services.

What happens in a reputation vacuum?

Most people are skeptical, and they don’t fully trust your practice… yet. This is where online reviews can make a difference. When your website gets a steady stream of current patient reviews, prospective patients see them and pick your practice. Your phone could be ringing off the hook. Chances are, you have already purchased patient review software, but it’s not working…

The problem is that most online patient review and reputation management software is a scam. It doesn’t work to generate new patient reviews. It doesn’t help you attract new patients or get your phone ringing, even though you have a great reputation with your current patients.

How can you tell if your online review software company is scamming you?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When you first signed up for the review management software did the company train your team on how to use the software?
  • Then did the online review software company check in with your team after a month to retrain the team if you weren’t getting results?
  • Are you getting great results from your reputation management software, 10 or more new patient reviews each month?
  • Does your review software company meet with you each month to review results and show you ways to continue to improve your online review collection process?
  • Is the reviews software setup with your CRM to automate the patient review request process?
  • Does your online review management company guarantee results?

If you answered no to two or more of these questions, it’s time to fire your review software or at least start talking to other providers.

At MedPB, we guarantee our online review software.

If you aren’t sure, you can try it for 90 days and if you don’t get any patient reviews you get your money back. How can we offer this kind of guarantee? Our online review software works because we do 3 key things:

  1. When you sign up for review software at MedPB, we meet with you to train your team on using it, however many times you want to meet or until you get results.
  2. Then we meet with you monthly to review results and work with you to keep your new patient leads growing
  3. Most importantly, at least in audiology, our online review software works automatically for any practice that uses one of the top CRMs, specifically Blueprint, CounselEAR and Sycle.

Get more patient reviews with an automated collection process

Here’s how the automated patient review collection process works with MedPB’s Online Review Builder.

  1. At the end of the patient visit you let the patient know to watch for a followup email from your practice – asking for their feedback. No worries, you’re not actually asking for them to give you feedback, then and there.
  2. When the patient leaves, in your CRM (Blueprint, CounselEAR or Sycle) you note the visit was completed
  3. This triggers your CRM to message your Online Review Builder to send an automated email sequence to the patient asking them for a review.
  4. The patient gets the automated emails. If the patient responds, it stops sending the next in the series.
  5. The patient is directed to complete a testimonial on common review platforms, like Google.
  6. MedPB’s Online Review Builder checks daily to see what reviews have been posted by your patients and pulls them together on a summary page you can include on your website.
  7. Google notices you have a steady stream of new patient reviews, which gives you a higher trust factor and improved rankings on Google
  8. Which in turn gets more new patients calling and more new patient reviews.

How does this work in reality?

MedPB practices who have the automated version of our Online Review Builder are guaranteed to get a steady stream of new patient reviews. In other words, it works every time!

How one practice used MedPB’s Online Review Builder to more than triple patient reviews.

Case Study:

Audiology Practice in the Southeast
Started using Review Builder on May 7, 2022. In 2 and ½ months, with MedPB’s automated review solution, got an average of  31 new reviews per month.

Graph showing increased reviews over time from Google, Healthy Hearing and Facebook after starting Online Review Builder

Online Review Builder is an easy and automated way to get more reviews for your medical practice. More reviews means more new patients.

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