What’s the #1 Way to Attract More Patients?

Doctor shaking hands with new patients

Imagine if every person in your town with a hearing problem was either telling their friends how much your practice had helped them or was hearing it from people they know. How many more patients would you be seeing each month— 10, 20, or even 50?

What would those additional patients be worth to you?

Obviously I don’t know what the exact numbers would be, but if the word got out and spread like wildfire that you were the go-to audiology and hearing aid specialist in town, you’d be very successful.

How can you become the most praised practice in your area?

Simple. Get your current satisfied patients to say great stuff about you. Now you’ve got to take action to get the ball rolling. It’s easy, but you’ve got to be proactive and ask for testimonials and online reviews.

If it’s so easy, why doesn’t every practice collect hundreds of glowing testimonials and help patients spread the word? Most of us are uncomfortable asking for and receiving praise. Even if we’ve performed miracles, most of us shy away from praise — I know I do. And when we do get it, we feel awkward and aren’t sure how to respond. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s due to exposure to the rare but truly obnoxious braggart who does nothing but talk about themselves.

One way or another, the trick is to get past this almost universal reluctance to ask for praise. People, your patients included, love to share positive feedback. They want to show their appreciation for your help in accomplishing the miracle of helping them with their hearing. By not asking, you’re denying them the opportunity and hurting your practice.

What are the benefits of asking for testimonials and online patient reviews?

• Do it as the final step of the counseling process, and patients will leave with their positive comments in mind. These positive comments will be the memory that will stick with them about their experience.

• By asking patients to share the biggest benefit or what they liked best about their experience, you’re helping them rehearse what they’ll be telling their friends, their spouse and anyone else who asks.

• Of course, having 25, 50 or even 100 glowing testimonials from patients telling how you’ve helped them get more out of life by itself will make your practice stand out. That way you can dominate your market as the hearing experts to work with.

• 79% of consumers rely on online reviews. If you don’t have any or you only have a few on your website or on the most visited review sites, you’re limiting the potential of your practice.

I’ve seen it over and over. A practice collects testimonials to add to their website and gets a handful on the review sites and things change. All of a sudden, they start getting more interest and more calls — which translate into more happy patients.

That’s exactly what I want to happen for you, to help you become the most praised practice in your town.

Got a question on how to attract more patients, reach your goals and get more out of life?  Talk to us today and take action to grow your practice