MedPB’s Culture

Our Role

Finding medical experts to trust is an essential step in meeting health care needs. MedPB helps connect patients with practices resulting in better patient health and healthy practices. This page is about the uncommon, common-sense culture that enables our team members and our company to thrive.

Values We Live By

Like all great companies, we’re based on a set of core values. What is special about MedPB is that we live these values, implementing them in everything we do. If these sound like you, let us know, you could be a good fit at MedPB.

Make a Difference

  • At MedPB we help medical practices prosper and thrive. We work to make a difference and improve lives.
  • We strive to keep the big picture in mind in all decision-making. Our focus is on what benefits all three: clients, team members, and the company.
  • Our goal is to provide highly fulfilling and meaningful work to our dream team.

Inspire Passion

  • MedPB team members inspire others with their thirst for excellence and improving results.
  • They care intensely about the team and MedPB’s success.
  • They are optimistic and persistent.
  • Team members are quietly confident and humble.

Provide Autonomy and Expect Responsibility

  • We hire self-motivated people and do everything possible to avoid un-motivating them.
  • At MedPB we provide team members with the autonomy and flexibility to do their jobs. Everyone is expected to take full responsibility for results with the team, clients, and partners.
  • If a team member sees a problem, in any area, we expect them to point it out and to help solve it – not wait to be asked.
  • Individually and as a team we deliver results. No whining, no complaining, no excuses.

Create the Conditions For Success

  • We work to create a culture where team members bring their full selves, including their sense of humor, to work to create inspiration, camaraderie, and make work fun.
  • Our goal is to provide the team with the training and tools to be outrageously successful including:
    • Training in setting priorities.
    • Using time blocking and eliminating multi-tasking or switch-tasking.
    • Providing access to workshops, conferences and or training that can expand their expertise.
  • We coach team members to follow their interests and develop new skills and expand their bandwidth within the context of MedPB goals.
  • We compensate people fairly for their role and their region.
  • We encourage people to live a balanced life, stay healthy and take advantage of flex time to fit work around exercise, family, friends, and fun.

Minimize Hierarchy

  • At MedPB we strive to help team members think and act like CEOs.

    • Push decisions down the chain as far as possible.
    • Avoid hierarchical titles like manager, vice president, etc.
    • Minimize levels within the organization.
    • Rotate the responsibility of leading meetings so everyone develops leadership and facilitation skills.

Encourage Collaboration

  • Our success is built on internal teamwork and external collaboration with partners.
  • We manage projects not people. To do that we clarify expectations and set clear, measurable goals.
  • We use our communication systems to share information openly and proactively, ensuring maximum transparency.
  • We use project management and communication tools to keep meetings to a minimum.
  • Team members make it a priority to help colleagues succeed.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

  • We expect every member of the team to demonstrate curiosity and to review what’s working, what’s not, and how they and MedPB can improve.
  • Team members block out time each week to stay current and expand their bandwidth – whether that’s reviewing expert blogs, taking an online workshop, or studying for a higher degree.

Think Like the Owner

  • We use data to drive decisions and accountability in every aspect of the business. All suggestions are to be backed up with supporting data.
  • Team members are expected to focus on the long term and come up with strategic ideas to improve the company weekly. Appropriate ideas are implemented immediately.
  • We strive to avoid blame and instead focus on identifying systems solutions. To this end we:
    • Celebrate mistakes. Set aside time each week to discuss mistakes and come up with ways to avoid them in the future.
    • When a problem is identified, we seek the root cause, get input from the team and make the system changes to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Promote Honest Communication

  • The role of more experienced team members is to facilitate, not control, communication.
  • Listening is the primary skill all team members are expected to use to clarify problems.
  • Team members are expected to address any internal issues or conflicts directly by having a conversation, and by providing constructive and candid feedback. At MedPB we have a zero-tolerance policy for blame or gossip.


  • At MedPB individually and collectively – we are laser-focused on delivering results to our clients.
  • Team members accomplish amazing amounts of work.
  • Individuals focus on both doing their own job and helping the rest of the team succeed.