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Team Leader

Kevin St.Clergy Kevin St.Clergy

Kevin St.Clergy

Partner, Business Development

Kevin is the ultimate audiology marketing expert. Coming from a family of audiologists and trained as an audiologist, Kevin has spent the last 15 years helping practices ramp up their profits.

Team MedPB

Passionate about helping practices increase profits, our highly collaborative talented team of practice-building coaches and digital marketing experts generate outstanding results for our clients.

Ry Barney Ry Barney

Ry Barney

Practice Growth Expert

Tanya Beaudoin Tanya Beaudoin

Tanya Beaudoin

Director of Website Production

Pete Berube Pete Berube

Pete Berube

Local SEO and Online Review Builder Expert

Laura Bethea Laura Bethea

Laura Bethea

Creative & Design Maestro

Kim Cafaro Kim Cafaro

Kim Cafaro

Practice Growth Expert

Christina Cann Christina Cann

Christina Cann

Inside Sales Expert

Miranda Clay Miranda Clay

Miranda Clay

SEO Strategist

Dustin Hilton Dustin Hilton

Dustin Hilton

Client Onboarding Project Manager

Sonja Kelly Sonja Kelly

Sonja Kelly

Practice Growth Expert

Kevin Mackay Kevin Mackay

Kevin Mackay

Website Success Expert

Laura Mikulski Laura Mikulski

Laura Mikulski

Practice Growth Expert

Kristina Pelly-Filocamo Kristina Pelly-Filocamo

Kristina Pelly-Filocamo

Practice Growth Expert

Zachary-Phillips Zachary Phillips

Zachary Phillips

Partner Development Manager

Christine Riney Christine Riney

Christine Riney

Operations Savant

Chris Roth Chris Roth

Chris Roth

PPC Guru

Kim Welch Kim Welch

Kim Welch

Local SEO & Online Review Expert

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