patient-consultationWhat’s one of the biggest bottlenecks to helping more patients benefit from hearing aids?

It’s when patients try a pair of hearing aids and return them…

Personally, I don’t sell hearing aids, but if I did, this would drive me nuts. I’m sure you try to do everything right but I’m going to let my brother’s story show you what can go wrong.

Two years ago, my brother Sam a retired doctor, then 68, went to get his hearing tested. Yes, his spouse prompted him to get the appointment. Then, based on the results, the audiologist had him try a pair of hearing aids. Which he did and promptly returned.

My brother’s complaints. They don’t sound that great and they were too expensive. Sound familiar?

One more thing you should know about Sam. Yes, he’s retired, and sure, he recently downsized from a $450,000 sailboat to a $120,000 one, but money isn’t the issue.

What went wrong in the acceptance process and what would have worked better?

The big issue, as I noted wasn’t money, but VALUE. Sure, my brother has the money for a pair of hearing aids, but he wasn’t counseled about how long to try them, how long it was going to take to retrain his brain, nor did the audiologist get him to clarify the value of improving his hearing.

With these results, Sam is still convinced hearing aids don’t work. And his wife is still frustrated too.

Which is why we brought in a guest speaker to explain all the non-technical, actually social things you can do, at no additional cost, to dramatically increase your acceptance rates.

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Charlie Cook