The Easy Way to Attract Patients Online

Patients being drawn to a magnet

Do you know the BIG difference between medical websites that send patients to your competition and ones that work like a big magnet to attract qualified patients?

What’s your best guess?

Is it the logo, the color, or the number of pages, or what?

We’re going to tell you the most important difference, and it’s none of those things.

If your site is about your patient, and their concerns – it’s much more likely to get read. If it’s about you, how long you’ve been in business, your staff, your office, it’s not likely to get read.

It’s as simple as that.

Focus on the patient and the benefit to them and your marketing will work.

Talk about yourself and it won’t.

What’s this mean in terms of response?

  1. Sites that are practice focused typically have a 90% or greater bounce rate. Which means hardly anyone sticks around long enough to read them.
  2. Sites that are patient focused, at least the ones we build and track, have an average bounce rate of 55%. Which means 4.5 times as many people read the content.

When you have a patient focused site, people not only read it, then they are more likely to follow the path to action built into the site and call your practice.

Want to see examples? Go here to see our audiology website designs >>

It may be hard to swallow if you don’t already have a site that’s working… but over and over we’ve shown practices how to double their annual revenue by just making a simple shift in the focus of their marketing.

Want to do the same? Talk to us.