Want your website to deliver more new patients to your medical practice? Then it should be designed — that is, deliberately planned — to:

  • Focus on patients’ concerns and needs
  • Grab patients’ attention, engage them and keep them on your site
  • Have a clear hierarchy of information and paths to action
  • Have strong calls to action that lead patients to call your practice.

MedPB has 10 years of experience designing, testing and building medical websites that do just these things. All to get more new patients calling. Look at the results our medical website designs brought to three hearing health practices in Ohio, Oregon and Massachusetts.


Hill Hear Better, Cincinnati, OH  – From 4 calls a month to 175 since launch — a 4,275% increase!


Hear’s the Answer – The Dalles, OR – From 7 calls a month to 40 since launch! 471% increase!


Preferred Hearing Care – Boston / Merrimack / Arlington, MA – A 233% increase from 6 calls a month to 20 since launch!

Want more new patients calling? Talk to us.