Why Your Website Has A Style Problem

An exclamation point on the screen of a laptop

Here’s a quick tip from us about your website. We’ve got bad news.

You’ve got style problems.

And you’re committing a sin that’s worse than a bad hair day or wearing plaid shorts with your favorite Hawaiian shirt.

The problem is the style of your website.

Almost every audiology and hearing aid practice makes the same mistake. They build a website that looks like a brochure – you know, an audiology practice marketing or advertising brochure.

Big mistake if you want to get a response from potential patients.


People aren’t looking for audiology marketing brochures. (Sorry, someone had to break it to you).

Potential patients are looking for tips and ideas and for answers online.

Which is why NEWS style, information rich, and educational websites get up to 500% more response than basic BROCHURE style websites.

This may be different than anything you have ever heard about online marketing and advertising before…

…but the simple secret is that if you ‘get it’ – if you understand this concept –
you will double the response you get from your online marketing, attracting more patients so you sell more hearing aids.

Yes, you read that right.

It’s a proven fact in the advertising world…Information rich, educational and NEWS-style marketing gets up to a 500% greater response than the standard boring brochure style website.

Do you know why?

Very few people actually have any interest in reading online advertising or marketing brochures …. but almost everyone wants to read stories, find out fun facts, and get answers.

What does this mean for your existing brochure based website?

It needs direct response copy and information to work.

Do you understand? We’re simply telling you what will make your phone ring and increase your sales.

If it looks like an advertisement, most people won’t read it. They’ve tuned out advertising. Ask anyone, how many ads were in the magazine they’re reading or what the top 3 ads were and hardly anyone can get it right.

Our brains subconsciously block out advertising which is what your potential patients are doing if they find your site.

It’s nothing personal. It’s a self-preservation strategy. The human brain would explode if it actually tried to process the tens of thousands of advertising messages that it’s subjected to daily. And then nobody would buy hearing aids.

We’ve adapted to the onslaught of advertising by instantly identifying anything that looks like or smells like an advertisement and, in most cases, block it from our brain.

Which is why the best way to get access to your patients’ minds, to get their attention, is to avoid having your website look like an advertisement, like a marketing brochure and instead to have it look more like a newspaper.

Ask someone for a fact and they’ll quote something they read in the newspaper. And at the same time they’ll dismiss the ads they read in the same paper.

Want your website to get a response, to get patients to call? Make it read like a newspaper, full of compelling headlines, great stories, and fact-filled content.

News-style marketing has been proven for decades to get 500% more responses than advertising that looks like advertising. No surprise once you think about it.

To get a response, first you need readers. So try this simple tactic to increase your response rate by 500%.

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